28 December 2006

Growth can be frustrating

Growing a business is a bit like wind surfing. The theory is simple. The real life practice is difficult and frustrating. You can pick it up or you can't.

It is like having a good business model. Good means a profitable return in the market conditions that you find yourself in today. The environment changes all the time and even if you are pleased with your business model today, there is no reason to suppose that you won't need to revisit it as unexpected events knock you off course.

You can develop risk management tactics with your colleagues, to reduce the risks or mitigate the impact if some undesirable outcomes take place. The reality of business life is that the things that will knock you off course will be the things that you don't expect.

At the early stages of your business, it is vital to stay focused, because otherwise you won't be using your time efficiently - but it's vital to stay agile too, because unless you have the flexibility to readapt and redesign your business on-the-fly it is likely that something will take place which will stop your growth trend in its tracks.

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