30 December 2006

You're telling me that it's a bargain

Yesterday I went out to buy some dishwasher salt. A decent-sized sack, 25kg. The guy behind the counter gave me the standard upsell - "It's much cheaper if you buy 3!" - that's true, but I didn't buy the 3 sacks.

Why not? It isn't difficult to justify the decision:
  • it takes me a long time to use 25kg
  • my price comparison isn't people who sell 25kg sacks, it is Tesco selling small packs weighing 1.5kg - I'm already on a huge saving against that comparison so the additional reduction doesn't sound a big enough incentive to take 3 sacks. Free might persuade me but then I would just have more stuff cluttering up my garage
Offers have to be considered in the context of the individual. An offer can be rejected for a variety of reasons, some of which may have little to do with the product or the price. Sometimes, it is simply timing. Make the same offer later in the year and the buyer may be more interested. Sometimes the offer is simply wrong for a particular buyer and will never persuade them to change their buying habits.

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