04 January 2007

What is this invoice for?

Sometimes B2B service providers work with operators in the business who are not Buyers. When this is the case, it is worth providing evidence of value:
  • do the work with/for the operator and
  • EITHER provide copies for the buyer with an explanation of what the work for the operator has delivered. That thud factor can be important to remind the Buyer just what you are doing and why you are doing it
  • OR have formal review meetings with the Buyer to cover not only what has been done to date but an assessment of what needs to be done next
The risk of not doing this or having regular contact with your Buyer to review what has been done, is that the sole evidence that they have of your activity is your monthly invoice which is probably not the best way to be remembered. The advantage of the review meeting is that it provides an opportunity to develop the relationship and use the time to think forward as well as back so that the client feels in control of what is happening and starts to consider the work as an investment rather than simply a cost.

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