30 March 2007

Link building

Everyone wants to build their site traffic. There are a variety of ways of building traffic, but organic search results offers lower cost traffic than pay per click advertisements. Pay per click advertising offers other benefits, but that is a post for another day.

People understand that links are important in building their organic search traffic, but they tend not do much to actively manage their links. The very best type of links are one-way inbound links, but the quality of the site providing the link is important too.

Actively managing links takes time and it relies on a series of activities. Many sites don't tend to do these things but they are vital unless you believe that link building should be left to chance or that the investment is a diversion which gets in the way of the day to day business.

These activities include:
  • research, which sites do you want to target?
  • classifying possible links, can you use any facts to help you decide which of these target sites deserves special attention?
  • developing an outline link request letter for webmasters which should be personalised to their site and describing why a link will benefit both them and you
  • testing the letter on some sites which are less important to you
  • developing an escalation process, in case they don't respond to your initial offer
I'll be developing these ideas over the next six weeks or so.

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