20 March 2006

Developing a market

Developing a market is one of the hardest things a smaller business can attempt. Many buyers are risk-averse, irrespective of the quality of the offering.

One of our clients has developed a beautiful range of toys and collectibles but has had difficulty in getting significant retail distribution. With limited retail facings, the range needs to generate its market profile from PR and its website. When we first met the client, the site had generated plenty of traffic, but only limited sales.

We have lots of ideas for how we can make the website 'sticky' for visitors in the target segment and, best of all, they won't cost a fortune to implement. That 'stickability' and a radical redesign of the sales processes on the site should convert a reasonable proportion of visitors into buyers. The demand we expect to generate should help to de-risk the line for the retailers and then our client can stop worrying, and get on with designing the rest of the range.


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