09 March 2006

A success

A couple of weeks ago I made a presentation about Cinfosuite, an exciting application which provides excellent functionality in performance management, forecasting and budgeting for businesses with turnovers of >£10 million. The presentation was to a mixed group of accountants and non-accountants and, prior to the meeting, I hoped that one-third of the participants would be interested enough to want to learn more about the product.

I didn't ask for a response on the day, but told everyone that I would follow up with them a couple of days later. The response was stupendous. On follow-up, two-thirds said that they were immediately interested in learning more about the product and the remaining third was hugely complimentary about what they had seen and half of those were interested in learning more about the product after a gap of three or 4 months.

We thought long and hard about the structure of the meeting and just how much content we should include. In the end, we decided to limit the time allowed for the demonstration because we weren't sure that it would be very helpful. The single moan from most people that I spoke to during the follow-up was that the demo was too short. In a sense that vindicates what we did, because we have left them wanting more rather than scared them away by drowning them in material straight away.

We're planning to run a similar session in the Midlands in a couple of weeks. I'm optimistic that this is shaping up nicely.


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