06 March 2006

That's a strapline?

The other day Phil got an email from a someone in one of his networks. Deep in the signature was a highly complex strapline which contained a series of 3-syllable words which looked like English but which frankly didn't make much sense. It contrived to suggest that the writer had the vision of Leonardo coupled with the intensity of Newton and there was little on planet Earth he felt ill-equipped to undertake.

If you get an email from any of our team it has a strapline under our names which says Red Splash - Commercialising ideas, products and services. Now that isn't just a strapline, it's a brief summary of what we do. We thought about it hard and we use it as a high-level description of our strategy whenever we meet anyone. We will get involved in other things if clients ask us, but it's the service we proactively promote and we use the phrase over and over so that people will remember. Our simple idea, and it's advice we give to our clients again and again, is that it is better to have a clear focus than pretend you can be all things to all people.


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