06 March 2006

Does the business model fit?

Last week I had a presentation from someone who is looking for a number of organisations to sell his service. It was a sensible proposition and the earning potential was high. I didn't want to dismiss it out of hand so I said that I would need to discuss it with my colleagues.

The following day I went through the presentation with Chris - the proposition still looked good and the earning potential still looked high but Chris shared my reservations. The point is - we add value in business development for our clients and we enjoy what we do. To accept this new offer would be a major step in terms of redirection and neither of us felt entirely comfortable that it was the right thing to do.

The higher level issue is that if you make an offer to a potential partner, it is important to check that your proposal either aligns or can be aligned with their strategy. If it is radically different then don't be surprised if the proposal isn't accepted.


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