07 March 2006

The Dell IQ test

In January my wife saw a Dell in the paper that looked like a good price. She reviewed it with the in-house computer experts - our younger son and his girl-friend - and they agreed that the spec looked OK for the money (grudgingly, they aren't Dell fans). She went onto the Dell website and tried to buy the deal she had seen in the paper.

After several attempts she got bored and asked me to do it for her - and guess what, I failed the IQ test. I couldn't buy a computer from the Dell site which had the same spec and price as the deal in the paper. This is a company which has built its reputation on its ease of buying yet everyone I have spoken to about Dell in the last few weeks has commented on what an awkward site it is to navigate for the casual visitor. We bought the computer, but not through the site - we contacted a nice lady in Indonesia or wherever the call centre is and placed the order through her.


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