26 April 2006

Champagne 3

The text for the site is coming together nicely and we should be able to go live very soon. Yesterday was an opportunity to do some last-minute photography and confirm our commercial offers. We have also re-thought an offer related to data capture.

Too many businesses worry about getting everything perfect on a site before it is launched - in practice, a site should be regarded as a work in progress. Everything: headlines, layout, copy, photography and offers can be changed at short notice so why worry about creating a masterpiece on day 1. That's not to say that there shouldn't be any effort to making it as compelling as possible - but if it is a commercial site which is attempting to sell to an audience then the only way you will really test its effectiveness is to make it live and let the punters tell you.

Once it is live, the process of experimentation begins. Measure, experiment and measure again. Providing that the changes are relatively limited in scope, you can get highly specific market feedback on whether your ideas have value and whether your copy is compelling.


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