20 April 2006

Blog visits

OK, I admit it, I'm at a loss. I don't understand it. I've got 3 blogs. This, I formally promote using vehicles like Pingshot through Feedburner. That pays back consistently - visits are growing steadily and so are subscriptions. The other 2 I don't promote at all, although I mention them as links within the body of the blog.

My confusion arises because although neither of the unpromoted blogs has what could be termed a consistent visitor volume, their visit record is completely different. One is almost four times as popular as the other. If a blog is unpromoted one might assume that the chances of visitor might be similar - assuming that visits are prompted by blogsurfing rather than searches - which is the case. Few of the visits to either of the unpromoted blogs arises from a search, unlike this blog where searches account for about 20% of visits.

So why the difference? I'm still struggling but if you've any thoughts then please feel free to share...


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