18 April 2006

Not taking orders today

When I began my sales career I didn't know much about sales - I didn't need to, the job was more about accurate quotations and order taking than actual selling. There is a chasm which divides the activities of accepting an order and making a sale from scratch! For most companies, the days of order-taking are some time in the past. Today, sales have become significantly more competitive - and sometimes, the competition turns out to be the client! The client may move the budget, do it themselves or worse still, do nothing. Any of these results in a flatline in short term revenue growth so how you sell becomes even more critical.

Sales isn't just a series of single wins. Successful and consistent selling requires thorough preparation and joined-up thinking. There are 5 critical challenges that make the difference between consistent revenue growth and failure. They include:
  • the offering
  • your market positioning
  • Sales Management
  • New Business Development
  • Account Management (and Development)



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