13 April 2006

The Additionality test

There are a class of consultants who stand next to a pot of gold and then help clients get access to the money by employing them. Very often the pot of gold is some form of grant. I have a conceptual difficulty with grants. Granting bodies develop a number of criteria which need to be applied before a project can be considered as suitable - they then apply the additionality test.

This test is the granting bodies' equivalent of Catch 22. It asks whether the project would take place if the grant was not made. The additionality test will support grants to projects where the Business Case is not strong enough to force the project owner to find another source of funding if the grant is not made. On the other hand, if the project is sufficiently strong to encourage the project owner to continue to fight for its implementation, even in the absence of a grant, then the grant wouldn't be made.

Support weak Business Cases, deny strong Business Cases - no, I still haven't got it ...


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