06 April 2006

Monetizing a database

I got an offer yesterday which I didn´t take up. It was nearly a good offer. The copy wasn´t completely compelling and the offer wasn´t quite right for me. Whoever had put it together had copied many of the key rules of constructing a sales letter but missed out one element which would have produced my credit card number. I imagine that some will have bought from this mailing, but my behaviour indicates that they didn´t test this letter properly before they sent it out. That means that they left money on the table and the mailing was less successful for them than it could have been.

It doesn´t matter if you think you have got all the elements of the offer letter covered, the only way you will really find out is by testing it on real punters. Split test it and find out which elements work best together. Do it properly and you will improve your results substantially. Substantially here can often mean an order of magnitude.


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