02 April 2006

AdWords and websites again

I was talking to an AdWords user the other day and he had no idea that the click-through rate was sensitive to the copy used. I imagine that he isn't alone. If most businesses aren't overly disciplined about measuring the impact of quite large marketing expenditures, it is easy to see why spend on AdWords wouldn't generate much interest. That means that those campaigns are almost certainly under-performing, which makes life simpler for the rest of us.

The fact is, AdWords are a huge opportunity. Not only in terms of their ability to direct traffic to a landing page but also in terms of their ability to feedback very quickly how punters react to your copywriting efforts. Like most other areas of marketing spend, developing an effective AdWords campaign requires a steady investment in testing at least until you are confident that you have an ad which is effective. Effective in this context means economic - the investment in the AdWords campaign can be justified within the overall cost to sell by delivering targeted traffic to the selling site.

In an earlier post I described how one of our clients had spent significant sums on driving traffic to their site using AdWords. That is a traditionally good thing to do - driving traffic means that more prospects see the offer. In terms of e.commerce though, the behaviour of that traffic has to be monitored, too. How does the traffic react to the offer and how can the landing page be optimised to produce the right outcome for you? Any analytical brain can tell whether the behaviour is producing the right kind of results for you, but do you understand the buyer psychology well enough to change the site in a way which will make it perform better?

The experiment should be going live soon and I'll keep posting the results here.


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