01 April 2006

A great idea ...

Last year we met the MD of a small services company with a B2C offering. The business was relatively successful but had a limited customer base, so wanted to develop the number of its active customers. What the business had was buckets of confidence and a matchless offer which I'm not aware is offered by any of its competitors. The company was cheeky, irreverent and keen to be different from other businesses operating in the same sector.

This is the type of business that deserves to succeed, providing that it can continue to back-up its offer to customers with real performance. The personalities required to make the business function are very different. It needs strong salespeople at the front end, backed up by thoughtful and creative researchers to deliver the value. Like many service businesses, the quality of service is the key to success and is one of the most difficult elements to maintain control over as the business grows.

Let's hope for the best.


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