28 March 2006

Blogging and the circular link problem ...

I've been looking at blogs again. It's generally held that blogging is the new black. I thought that bloggers had a POV which they were keen to share with the world, but it isn't always the case. Sometimes they have a point of view but some of them can have a peculiarly circular way of sharing it with their readers. Let's take an example I have seen this week:

Author "A" writes a post talking about a new trend in marketing segmentation, and within the post he links the word to a post by blogger "B". Following the link to "B", the reader finds that the post actually quotes verbatim and links back to, an earlier post by author "A" which strangely enough is relevant to the post I read first - describing the trend and its implications.

Why do this guys? Both of you already have plenty of links. Wouldn't it have been easier for author "A" to link directly to his earlier post? In this case the links aren't lending authority, they are just bringing the process into disrepute.


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