22 March 2006

The new opportunity

The opportunity that I mentioned earlier is a website that has a reasonable level of traffic, but which doesn't generate the level of sales that were hoped for. Why is that?

It's nearly a very good website but it is marred in all kinds of ways from a very weak headline and testimonial to a mix of audiences - different products etc. A worse mix of audiences - schools and B2C.

Primary process
The primary process could be improved in terms of urgency, quality of copy in both the initial offer and the lack of information in the cart or any reassurance about security.

Secondary process
Completely absent - and this would probably be the major source of sales.

Looks interesting - I think we can do something with this. Many of the changes here are to do with managing the processes, the copywriting and quality of the offer. This falls right into our sweet spot. Let's see if we can convince the client that we are right for this.


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