23 March 2006

Building an e.channel

I'm a great believer in starting small. Try and understand what works, experimenting over some time if necessary, and when you have proved to yourself that it really does sell, scale it up, make it robust and automate it. I know that all the techie people in the readership will now say "this bloke doesn't know what he's talking about, he's just advising people to waste money". I'll explain why I think this way.

Some of the clients we see have invested heavily in technology with very robust websites which are capable of handling an enormous volume of sales. That would be fine if they were making sales, but more often they are selling at very low volumes.

Starting small recognises that many businesses don't have enormous amounts of cash around to invest in a website that doesn't sell much product. If the business had started small, the outlay would have been limited and the additional costs would have been incurred only after it was clear that the website was generating new sales. This approach may be more expensive in the long run, but it protects cash, very often the most important number in a smaller business.


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