02 April 2006

Public speaking and the independent consultant

Business Development 101 for the independent consultant almost always includes seminars and public meetings as a way to meet potential clients. It's normally good advice ...

Last year I saw a presentation in a public meeting which had apparently been given 5 or 6 times already so the speaker should have mastered the material completely. It was a disaster, a poor concept coupled with excruciating execution from the technology to judging his impact on the audience - it was a masterclass in how not to deliver material. It was actually worse than the first few seconds of Andy Bounds' standard presentation which is itself intended to be a an exaggerated interpretation of how to deliver material badly.

A few weeks later I was sent an email about some training. The content looked interesting, the cost was acceptable and I thought seriously about going ... but then I looked at who was delivering it. It was the speaker who had performed so badly at the public meeting. Now, it may be unfair, but after that experience I wouldn't walk across the road to see that guy deliver material again if it was free of charge, so the email got deleted and I got on with my life.


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