03 April 2006

Direct mail - test, test and test again

In an earlier post I suggested that you should be prepared to test every aspect of your mailshot before you send it out to your entire distribution list.

So what kind of samples should you test?
• existing customers
• ex customers
• lists of potential customers from different suppliers
• different list stratifications

When you are satisfied that you have an attractive offer, presented by appealing copy which produces an economic response rate – do your mailing. And when it comes to developing another mailing, go through the process again.

Each aspect of your marketing should be dealt with on the same basis. As a high level guide, if you find yourself doing things which can’t be measured then you are probably doing them for non-marketing reasons. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be done, just that if you decide to retain them, then don’t charge them to the marketing budget.


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