17 April 2006

AdWords for conversion not clicks

I noticed this post on Shoemoney and it put practical experience against some thoughts I had posted here. I have cleaned this up a bit, but the core is unchanged ...

... some people have asked how I get such high conversions. Basically, I try to write ads for conversions and not clicks.

I see so many ads on all programs that try to con people into their site. They say things like Free Ringtones Here! Or “Get Free Ringtones”. Yes, this can get you some clicks but will it get you conversions? Remember, we are paying PER CLICK so we want to make those clicks count.
Azoogleads does a good job to give you examples for each offer on the positives for text creative.

So lets look at what we are selling:
  • People put in their phone number and get Ringtones
  • People get 10 free Ringtones to sign up.
  • People get charged a monthly fee after they get their free Ringtones

Use these to write an ad that converts at a higher percentage.

An example bad ad would be – Get Free Ringtones Click Here For Free Ringtones

A good ad would be – 10 Free Ringtones – Just enter your phone number and receive your Ringtones.

Another good ad would be – Free Trial Ringtones – Get 10 Free Ringtones with each new subscription.

… do not try to fool your consumer. They will click your ad and then quickly abandon ship when they feel they have been duped. Try to give them as much information about what they are getting into BEFORE YOU HAVE TO PAY [for their click-through].



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