16 April 2006

The Sandhurst Donkey Derby

The Donkey Derby is a small business with a highly seasonal revenue profile. As organisers we let out field pitches, sell advertisements, sell donkey and race sponsorships, sell field sponsorship and take the gate money. Much of that generates income before the day itself while costs are incurred in a wide variety of areas including the publication of a programme and the provision of marqees and toilets.

Some of these expenses are incurred well in advance of the event itself, but by and large the derby runs cash positive with a little care. Many small business would be pleased if they could operate on the same basis.

Like many businesses, the key is to understand the revenue and cost levers and make sure that the event produces as much as possible for its charities by growing revenues and keeping a watchful eye on costs. Pricing can have some impact on revenue, but there are limits - we need people in the community to enjoy the event without incurring the feeling that they have been fleeced. Last year was a record in terms of results and we will have to work hard to do better this year.


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