06 May 2006

All is not well at Pingomatic

I use Feedburner for my RSS feeds and they have a very useful site which is loaded with utilities to make a bloggers life - if not a happy one - at least easier. One of those utilities is Pingomatic which delivers pings to a range of services. That's useful because it means that you can save buckets of time and not have to go through a repetitive series of actions. So far so good, but today Pingomatic is timing out on me.

I'll give it a bit longer before I decide to try something else - the service might well come back up - I'll send a quick note to Feedburner and see if they know something.


Blogger Rick Klau said...

Hi John -

Not sure if you mean "PingShot", our service to ping multiple services whenever your blog is updated, or "Pingomatic", a service we don't run or control. If you're having issues with the former, absolutely let us know; if the latter, you'd have to chat with the crew running Pingomatic (at www.pingomatic.com).

Hope that helps!



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