05 May 2006

They're just leading us on ...

For some reason we have a lot of live leads this week, from a range of different sources. I would like to think that they all represent the results of careful planning, but all we did really was to develop several channels and then service them as effectively as we could.

That is why we encourage clients to use several approaches to their markets. It isn't because we have no faith in a single approach, or even the approach that the client has selected. We simply believe that more = better when it comes to reach in a marketplace.

All that of course leads us with problem to solve - how do we convince these leads to convert into business. That's where we sit around the table (real or metaphorical) and discuss the problem. Discussing things as a team is unbelievably valuable. I posted a few weeks ago about the importance of single practitioners buddying up with someone as quickly as they could sensibly do so, but there is absolutely no substitute for having a team of people thinking about a problem to help drive the thinking a bit further.


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