27 April 2006

Where's Willy?

It's now almost 8 weeks since this blog started so it is time to describe all the readers in detail so that I can recognise you if I see you in the street.

English 88.8%
32 bit colour 87.8%
Java 1.5 50%
Internet Explorer 49%
Java 1.3 48%
Firefox 47%
1280 x 1024 43.8%
1024 x 768 33.7%
Europe 75%
North America 17%

OK, there are more of you now so it should be no surprise that the technology is starting to look a little more mixed, but I'm amazed that the site hits are so evenly balanced between Firefox and IE. Predominantly, you use English as the primary language in your system and 65% of you are in my time zone. You're still quite like me but the similarities are starting to fade a bit.


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