15 November 2006

Long letters - people don't read them do they?

The answer is yes they do. Red Splash has a link embedded in a sales letter produced by another business - I provided a testimonial about an excellent suite of products. We aren't anywhere near the beginning of that letter yet it has delivered a significant proportion of our visitors during the last nine hours.

OK, exactly where in the letter is this link? About half-way down the 13th screen on a widescreen laptop. Now that tells me that people aren't just reading that letter, they are following the links to satisfy themselves that the testimonials are from real businesses. Now we tend to say that the headline is important, but the intensity of the copy has to be maintained - if it had fallen off at any stage in the preceding 12 screens, people would have dropped out before clicking on our testimonial.

Are we the first testimonial? Actually no, we are number 6 of about 16. All of which reinforces for me that people are reading that letter carefully.

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