02 December 2006

Christmas is coming

I spoke to someone at one of our clients yesterday and they were just about to stop work to have their Christmas party. It seems early, but really it is just over 3 weeks until Christmas Day. Given that December seems to suffer from a surfeit of potential activities, yesterday is probably a sensible day to have a party.

The other area we have noticed the change of season is on the consumer sales sites where we are getting more orders and more questions about what we are selling. That's all good, but wouldn't it be great if it could run at that rate all year? The good news is that each of these orders and each of these enquiries becomes an opportunity for a sale next year. They have contacted us, so we will include them on the distribution of our sales emails.

Having a list is the great opportunity to deseasonalise a business. It may not be fully efficient, but at least it puts the business under your control rather than trying to operate reactively.

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