27 November 2006

The Power of email

Many of the visitors to Red Splash normally come from some form of Business Development related search. Note the usage of the word normally.

Last week we sent out an email to two of the networks we belong to and asked people to respond if they were interested - the impact on visitors has been dramatic. We have experienced a good-sized spike in visits and searches have been pushed down to less than 5% of referrals over the last 5 days. Many of those visitors have gone on to send us emails expressing interest, coupled in many cases by documents for us to read and links that they would like us to follow.

It sounds as if we need to develop some criteria to sift through the pile of responses. What is interesting about the mailing is that this isn't the first that we have sent to these two networks, but it has been far and away the strongest response we have generated. We are going to have to conduct some form of post mortem on the copy we used, because it clearly struck a chord with the people that read it.

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