23 November 2006

How fast can you sell

Many of our client's buyers won't be rushed. Their decision makers are conservative, working in conservative organisations and they simply won't be hurried into making a decision. The salesperson can help by providing information and analysis to help the internal champion make a case, but trying to force the pace and bring the sale in early is more likely to alienate the champion than delivering a sale.

One of the reasons for this behaviour is that many of our clients are selling a service which has a product link. The service element is an important component. Once the sale is made, the service ensures that the client makes full use of the product and develops their usage to the point that it migrates through the organisation. A happy client is a vital part of the account management. Businesses know this and very often need to satisfy themselves about a range of criteria before they will make a decision to buy on this basis. They know that the initial purchase is the start of something bigger and they need to develop the confidence that the product and service will deliver value across their business, not just the group that is currently evaluating it.

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