18 November 2006

Welcome back ...

... to Google Analytics. It isn't that these stats tell you something that is directly actionable or even that surprising (returning readers to this blog, read more pages at a sitting than a reader visiting for the first time). It is more that you become used to accessing a variety of tools to assess whether things are running smoothly so that the loss becomes an irritant, even if it isn't a matter of life and death.

That's true for many aspects of our lives. We set our expectations of service and assume that the level of service will be delivered consistently or even improve. That's something we need to bear in mind when we are suppliers not customers or clients. If our clients have expectations then we had better do what we can to make sure that those expectations are matched or exceeded. Failure to do that and we are squarely in the irritant area, and risk losing the confidence of the people who are currently paying us.

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