16 November 2006

The content iceberg

This blog began life just over 8 months ago - since then I have created 314 posts of varying length, begun tagging everything to Del.icio.us and started to publicise the blog through Pingshot (regularly) and iPings (occasionally). The comments are just a point of view - I don't often refer to posts by other bloggers so my posts tend to be gossip about the people I meet and the clients that I work with.

Sometimes those posts generate a life of their own - I mentioned a few days ago that a post that I wrote in early July is still read every day. Others are much more short-lived although they may be read as part of a search about a specific topic.

What it does mean is that I have produced plenty of words - some of which I recycle in a monthly newsletter, but most of which sit around waiting for me to have a more creative thought about how to use them.

I'm not alone, Technorati is currently tracking 60 million blogs and I imagine that quite a few of them are produced by people who are also uncertain about what they going to do with all the content that they have created. Thank heavens that this is all paperless!




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