22 November 2006

Using a website to sell Business Services

We don't follow every lead from the site as diligently as the one I mentioned in the last post. Sometimes we get leads from people who haven't thought about their business idea in great detail and want us to make it concrete.

Wherever possible we drop those leads quickly. That's true even where we suspect that we could legitimately do some research for the client and help them to refine their understanding of what would be required to be successful. We would rather focus on the existing clients that we have than take on something new that has only a remote chance of success.

It's another aspect of winning better business - focus on the things where you are confident that you can make a difference and the outcome is likely to be better for both you and your clients. We try to build relationships with the people that we work with, but no-one sensible signs up for a relationship on day 1. Relationships build from deliverables - consistently high delivered quality and a measurable difference to results and you have a chance to build a relationship.

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