29 November 2006

Responsiveness of a blog post

I'm continuously amazed how quickly a blog post can make it to the top of an organic search engine. On Sunday I made a post and forgot about it. I assume that it appears on specialist blog directories and that it stays somewhere in the ether and can be found if someone strikes lucky with a search term.

About two hours ago someone landed on that post from Queensland, having made a search on MSN live search. I replicated the search and found that in the 2 hours since the search was made, the post had climbed from the 3rd page (where my visitor found it) to number 2 on the first page - where you could find it now. I wish I could get a website to respond as fast on pure content.

I suspect though that this kind of success is short-lived and I have just seen the upside of the parabola - if I go back and make the same search in a couple of days, it will probably be pushed back to page 97.



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