11 January 2007

How is this site performing

NicheBot has a nifty new feature for those of you lucky enough to have a Google SOAP API key - they aren't issuing any more.

By editing your personal profile on NicheBot you can develop search term rankings for both Yahoo! and Google anywhere within the top 1000 URLs returned for the search term - not both at the same time, but significantly quicker than you would be able to do it yourself. If you don't have a Google API key then you are obviously limited to competition results from Yahoo! alone.

The Google SOAP API results are significantly slower than those from Yahoo! and some search terms seem to produce endless 502 errors which is one of the reasons that Google is not issuing any more. Maybe at some point NicheBot will work with AJAX API keys but that doesn't appear to be forthcoming at the moment.

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