17 January 2007

What do they mean?

Who are they? They are PayPal. I have a serious problem in understanding PayPal emails. My mother tongue is English. PayPal emails are created in a parallel universe where syntax and vocabulary appear to be English but where meaning seems to be completely occluded.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we had a charge-back on one of our eCommerce sites. This means that the funds resulting from the sale being ring-fenced while the the charge-back is investigated. Last week we got a PayPal email. (The emails created in a parallel universe which are written by an infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters before they get around to the works of Shakespeare.)

The email was equivocal. It appeared to suggest that the charge-back was still being investigated. Today I took a look at our PayPal account to find the charge-back was closed and that the decision had gone against us.

We are now out of pocket to the tune of the:
  • cost of PayPal's charges on the original sale
  • value of the towels
  • courier costs to deliver them
  • credit card company's charges for investigating the charge-back.
Great, we are now acting as insurer of last resort to Big Companies Inc..

I'm struggling with this, we acted in good faith and we rely on PayPal to offer us transactions which aren't fraudulent. It seems that the only way we can further limit our risk is to authorise sales only when the delivery address and the credit card billing address are the same - if you want to buy from us and have something delivered somewhere else as a gift then I'm sorry, you're out of luck.

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