12 March 2006

Let's try something new!

Business start-ups are exciting. Every day represents a new set of problems and issues to resolve. You may have a new idea which you are keen to develop and commercialise but lack of opportunity is seldom a major problem for smaller businesses. There are many more ideas than there are successful product or service launches. More often, the question is one of maintaining focus – keeping the resources of the business concentrated where they will do most good.

Many small businesses seem to enjoy the process of reinventing themselves periodically by changing their product and service offering – they remain optimistic that “this time it will all come right”.

However, if they don’t look at why their last product or service offering was less successful than they expected, it is very unlikely that the current hot idea will prove any better. These businesses need to learn from their experience and be single-minded about allocating their resources. Cynically, if Plan A doesn't work because of lack of focus, perhaps Plan B should be Plan A without the distractions.


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