06 May 2006

We've got a terrier

He likes to think of himself as a solution sales guy, but there is no doubt - his DNA is all terrier. There is something about the way he asks questions and the way that he refuses to leave a subject alone that leaves you in absolutely no doubt that he is a great guy to have on the team.

Our problem is how to find more like him. We are pretty confident that we can help him to be highly successful and we would like to do the same for others, too. Where are they? Back in corporate land, salespeople are backed by brands which ease the sales process. Our clients very often don't have the luxury of a well-known brand and they have to fight for each sale. Salespeople who don't like the fight very often find something else to do with their time - this type of sales is hard.

Not a problem for our terrier - he seems to be enjoying himself enormously.


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