16 December 2006

PayPal again

We wanted to get a virtual terminal to support the eCatalogue opportunity for our egyptian cotton towels and so we have been looking into a variety of different providers. None of them looked like what we wanted and virtually all of them required us to have a merchant account. We had been told that PayPal had one which didn't require the merchant account but when we contacted PayPal's Customer Service team we were told that it wasn't available yet. That was Thursday.

The response from PayPal was disappointing from another point of view - it was virtually incoherent - how can they put in systems which allow mangled language to go out to people who are paying them money to use their systems?

Anyway, today - only two days later - PayPal Pro appears to have been released in Europe with Virtual Terminal. This seems to offer us all the functionality we want and at very competitive rates. We're going to give it a try.

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