10 December 2006

SPAM for breakfast

Phil noticed my post the other day about SPAM and decided that it would be a good idea to set the SPAM filters at our ISP. The first I knew of this was a report in my inbox this morning to tell me that I had a lot of SPAM for review. I would have let it sit there until it was purged automatically but in the summary report of emails from Jorge and Maria selling me a new penny stock were some emails from Phil. I decided to open the SPAM file straight away.

It seems that I have been storing "SPAM" from legitimate senders including Phil since last January, and I would never have known had he not decided to change the SPAM settings on my email. With no irony whatsoever, one of his messages in the SPAM file was sent yesterday to tell me that he had changed the filter settings.

What this has encouraged me to do is to look at the mail settings that I have with other ISPs. It is possible that this has happened on some of my other email accounts so I need to check that there is nothing lying around which I should have read and responded to months ago.

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