13 December 2006

Planning for January

At our Operations meeting last night we went through the current pipeline in some detail. It was a pretty cheering experience. We look to have a solid chance of starting the calendar year with a really good month, but to do that we have to close some of the business in the pipeline.

It's important to review the pipeline regularly in terms of its quality. Of course every situation is competitive, even if the competitor is the status quo. The reason that we like our current pipeline so much is that there are a number of prospects in it who all have burning reasons for not staying with the status quo.

The best news for us is when a business approaches us - better if they are selling into corporates. They know that we are a commercial business and they have already half made up their minds to work with us. Clients like this can take a while to close down, but often that is because of the internal difficulty of their team sitting down together to agree on what to do.

I'm looking forward to a good New Year.

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