19 December 2006

There's a keyword for it

I have been doing some keyword research this morning - all around the general area of cosmetic dentistry. I have been using NicheBot, an absolutely invaluable tool and no, I'm not part of their affiliate programme.

Yesterday I was working with some of the client's staff and developing the base keyword list - this morning I have enhanced that list by adding in every keyword that they have ever used in their AdWords campaign. From that I had a base list of 60 base keywords and developed a list of 350 keyword phrases. Even after deduplication we are looking at a list of about 270 keyword phrases.

Now what we are proposing to do requires some focus and 270 keyword phrases sounds pretty broad brush so we are ranking that list by competitor and by count - we want to look at keyword phrases which are commercially important (they generate plenty of searches) but they don't have too many competitors (there aren't an enormous number of sites which are optimised for that keyword phrase). There's plenty to do. If you would like to see what our client's business is all about, here is a link - they specialise in Cosmetic Dentistry.

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