23 February 2007

Stock photos

In a couple of previous posts I have mentioned Stock xchange and Stock xpert as well as Every Stock Photo and Morguefile. Chris was looking for an image today and couldn't find anything in the normal places that we look. I decided to do a little more research to put together a more comprehensive list. I have excluded picture search engines in favour of sites which have their own photo database since the copyright and terms of use are clearer.

This will probably go over several posts since I will restrict the number of sites to between 6 and 8 per post.

About 7300 photos for personal and non-commercial use. Landscapes, people and a few wild life shots all of which are categorised geographically. Some genuinely stunning images.

Design Packs offer free, high quality image collections that can be used in both personal and commercial web design projects. Each collection features a group of 15 images that share a common theme. They have created a number of collections. New sets are added periodically. Downloads are limited to a whole theme rather than individual photos.

You are permitted to use their photos to design as many projects as you wish, including commercial projects. Resale of the images is not allowed.

Approximately 4400 stock photos categorised in broad groups. Terms of use are for personal and commercial use providing the commercial use does not include resale of the image. There are also a series of additional exclusions.

Photo repository has about 300 royalty free stock photos arranged in 9 albums. Registration is required to download high quality images and attribution is required when using an image as part of a web project but the terms of use are not onerous.

If you want pictures of corrosion or peeling paint, this may be the site for you. All the images are royalty free for personal and non-commercial use, but read the disclaimer and terms of use before you download.

Stock cache has a small stock photo library (about 1000 images) which seems to be organised in 13 directories.

Free for personal use and commercial uses which don't include resale of the images. Directories are organised by colour.

Piotr.Pix is an image database providing free high-quality images. You can freely use pictures in your personal, charity projects or any non-profit project. About 2000 images in the library, arranged in 7 directories.

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