16 May 2006

Stock photos

I was on the Stock.xchange site this morning. It shows how little I know. Stock.xchange has been around for about 5 years, but this was the first time I had come across it.

Not all low-cost or no-cost stock photo sites are as good as this. It has depth - the result of being around for 5 years, I expect. More impressive is the quality of the search and browse functions. It is quite quick to find a photo with the right kind of characteristics. Not all the photography is first rate, but that's typical for a site of this type.

The licences are not very restrictive although I noticed that one or two photographers required written permission before use of their material. Generally that's not the case and you can be downloading a suitable image within a few minutes of signing up.

It also provides access a premium site - Stockxpert - which provides access to Royalty free stock photos of good quality for relatively low cost.

An impressive site.


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