12 May 2006

A new story to tell

Phil and I were looking at a new opportunity yesterday. Not just looking at it but feeling the weight and quality of the product. It was a rather retail experience. We have promised to give a decision about our interest by the middle of next week.

The great thing is that the quality of the product sounds right. The product is a manufactured staple, but it comes from a country which is known world-wide as being the source of the finest product. Within the country, there are several areas which produce different quality products - but the examples we were looking at yesterday are recognised as being the best quality within the country. A 5 star product from a country which has a world-wide reputation in producing the product.

The team we were with have tried a number of avenues but still want to grow their business substantially. Now we need to see whether we can put a compelling story around this and test whether the numbers make sense.


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