07 May 2006

Taking criticism ...

Someone I met during the last couple of months asked me to critique his website. It can be difficult to develop a compelling site for a business services site. Truthfully, this one wasn't very good. It was pretty generic and if I had substituted the name of a competitor's business wherever his company name was used, it wouldn't have looked out of place.

He wasn't asking me to comment on the technical aspects of the site - just the management of the visitor to sale process. I gave it my best shot - I didn't have long to do it, so I sent a brief email setting out what I thought the major defects were. I didn't attempt to modify what I thought by careful phrasing. The next time I saw him, I asked him if he had gone through my notes. He was really pleased - "Honestly, that was just what I wanted."

I'm just not ready to try such a brutal approach with a client.


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