11 May 2006

Not such a wired world

I noticed a statistic this week that 14% of the world's population between the ages of 15 and 65 have now used the internet. In Europe and the USA we tend to forget how limited technological access can be in economies where survival is often more important than IM. You may have a product which would add value in a survival economy, but then you have a significant problem of access.

Access is why we love the 14%. Even if they don't buy a product or a service online, then we can inform them about it so that they will seek it out, touch it, feel it and buy it in a conventional outlet. It's that simplicity of access which allows us to forget that there is a very different world out there, outside the cloistered environment of air conditioning, central heating, double glazing and pollen filtration. Whether we like it or not, the gap between the two worlds is still growing.


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