01 February 2007

Thanks for the phone call

We got a phone call from someone last night that we didn't know. He had found a mobile phone and dialled the stored number for 'Home' . After some confusion, we realised that the handset belonged to our elder son who hasn't lived at home for a number of years (but it's nice to think that he still thinks of where we live as home).

Our first thought was to call our son, but like many 20-somethings he uses his mobile as his primary contact, so our initial searches through address books didn't yield anything useful. We called his girl friend instead.

The phone was found in central London, but the guy who found it doesn't live far from where we live (out in the sticks) so we will meet him later today and give him a small reward for his honesty. I'm not sure how you can avoid losing a mobile from time to time, I'm just glad that in this instance it was recovered so quickly.



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