25 January 2007

Green is the colour of growth

The headline makes sense only for those of you who use the Google Toolbar. Google's algorithms have determined that the page rank of the blog is now 4 rather than 3. For those of you without the toolbar I should explain that the page rank is shown as a small graphic with a green bar.

I'm a bit surprised. This is a blog which doesn't attempt to cover day to day news or fashionable topics, although I did get very interested in Linkie Winkie for a few weeks last summer. That means that I have a small niche, posting reasonably regularly on the business things that I see around me. What is good about the blog is that it has generated correspondence with a number of interesting people and allowed me to monitor and take part in some debates that I doubt I would have been aware of otherwise. It has also provided an excellent proving ground for ideas which I have then re-used in our newsletter and in several White Papers.

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