24 February 2007

You only have seconds to make a good impression

Today I got some junk mail. It was a reasonably well-constructed sales letter and it was well directed - I was certainly within its target group. It was let down by some very basic failures in the paper and the printing.

I know I'm obsessive about this stuff, but plenty of people notice if a letter is produced which:
  • is printed on 80 grammes paper which looks as if it has been recycled from old cereal boxes
  • is printed by a jet printer where the paper handling is so poor that the area of the letter with the contact address has bounced under the print head producing a quite unacceptable blurring of the print
  • carries a print ghost higher on the paper, presumably produced by stacking the printed output while the ink was still wet
  • has a very low quality logo in the top corner of the letter
It wouldn't matter if I thought the offer was good. Their lack of interest in these details means that they are people that I don't want to work with.

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